FDA Cleared, last investigation 02-08-2024

Milling Parameters

When sending a file, you must use the following design parameters. If you don't have an account number, you will need to first create an account.

The following parameters were used during product testing and found to be accurate. They are to be used as a baseline; your lab may need to adjust them slightly due to the uniqueness of your lab's internal processes.


  • Cement gap 0.02 for the first 1mm above the margin
  • Extra cement gap 0.07 everything above 1mm
  • Transition or smooth distance 0.5
  • Drill compensation radius .65
  • Drill compensation offset .66mm

Material Settings

  • Wall thickness 0.4
  • Margin line offset 0.1
  • Offset angle 70
  • Extension offset 0.1

Bridge Settings - cement gap 0.030 and extra cement gap 0.080

Naming Format for Files

It is very important for tracking, that you use the following format to name each of your files:

Your account number-Your lab's case ID, please - no patient name here-Tooth number-Material for milling


Account #: CS0000
Case ID: Case Pan Number, or other Internal ID, please not the patient name
Tooth #: 19
Material 2Per, 55Per, or 786

The above would yield the file name: CS0000-XXXXXX-19-2PER

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