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Frequently Asked Questions about Strategy Milling and Gold Restorations.

We will remake at no charge any restoration that fails due to visible porosity or a milling error made by Strategy Milling©.

If there is a problem with a unit that was no fault of Strategy Milling, after discussion, a determination of the credit value, if any, will be made.

All credits are placed in your Strategy customer account.

Strategy milled restorations, like all other digital dental systems, eliminates many areas of expense in fabrication linked to the analog processes. Areas of savings are:

  • Eliminating the need to purchase alloy before you have an order for a crown
  • Reduced Labor
  • No sprue weight
  • Reduced need to up charge alloy or at least reducing the % of up charge a lab would need
  • Increased lab cash flow
  • Strategy supplies the alloy and on a case-by-case basis, you pay only what the restoration weighs after milling.

Digital dental processes save money in many areas including labor, material, production time, and customer satisfaction.

Röders RXD5 Mills are the premier mill for accuracy in this application, and the fit of these milled restorations is unsurpassed. Milling from a porosity free metal blank provides a smoothness and density of alloy that is very difficult to match with traditional casting procedures.

Strategy currently provides two alloys… a noble 2% gold and a high noble 55% gold.

  • 02% AU Alloy
    Ag 34.3% – Pd 32.7% – In 28% – Zn 2.6% – Ir, Li, B, Cr <1%
  • 55% AU Alloy
    Au 55.0% – Pd 5.2% – Ag 30% – Cu 9% – In <1% – Ir <1%

Yes, Strategy offers a 2% gold alloy milled restoration!

Our milling fee is $29.95 USD per unit plus the cost of gold which is priced by the gram. Customers also pay for shipping, but due to the large volume Strategy ships, the UPS shipping rates we offer our customers are very reasonable.

Please send an email or call 724-266-3269. Once the initial account setup is complete, you're ready to send cases to Strategy.

Our official policy states that any file received by noon Eastern Standard time Monday through Friday will be shipped by COB the following business day. In many cases, we are shipping units the same day as the files are received, and we request that our customers communicate with us, the shipping method best suited to their needs.

Yes, customers are responsible for paying shipping charges, but because we ship everything through UPS and our shipping volume is so high, we offer our customers very competitive rates.

When you set up your Strategy account, you will provide a credit card number for billing purposes which is held on our secure server. That credit card will be charged and a statement will be included with every unit we mill.

Due to the extreme expense of inventorying such high volumes of alloy, it is simply not feasible for Strategy to offer a 30-day turn on payments. It's one of the key components allowing us to offer this revolutionary product to our customers at such a reasonable cost.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Design Parameters

The following parameters were used during product testing and found to be accurate. They are ONLY to be used as a baseline; your lab may need to change them slightly due to the uniqueness of your lab's internal processes.


Cement gap 0.02 for the first 1mm above the margin

  • Extra cement gap 0.07 everything above 1mm
  • Transition or smooth distance 0.5
  • Drill compensation radius .65
  • Drill compensation offset .66mm

Material Settings

  • Wall thickness 0.4
  • Margin line offset 0.1
  • Offset angle 70
  • Extension offset 0.1

Bridge Settings – cement gap 0.030 and extra cement gap 0.080

Strategy Milling© is all about innovation and we do see this on the horizon.

We are testing this and have had 100% successful tests of this application so far. That said, we only performed tests and are awaiting our DAMAS certification which will then allow us to focus on specific brand testing. We anticipate that by years end, we will be able to mill and sell full gold screw retained restoration s for over implants as well as gold one piece custom abutments that you design.

No, we do not scan or design.

Yes, every Strategy restoration comes with an Indetalloy sticker.

Yes, each case has an Identalloy sticker as well as batch tracking to follow that alloy all the way back to its manufacturing process. Strategy Milling© is also registered with the FDA.

Contact Strategy Milling by email or call 724-266-3269.