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How Strategy Milling Creates an Effecint Workflow

This will explain how Strategy Milling can help create an efficient workflow in your dental lab.

I recall hearing that there were about 56 million crown and bridge restorations made in the United States in 2013. Many of these restorations are partially or completely fabricated using a digital workflow and or some type of digitized manufacturing process. Until March of 2013, a gold restoration either had to be manufactured using CAD CAST, or analog processes.

Strategy Milling changed the landscape and now a true CAD CAM process exists for gold restorations.

Strategy has done something unprecedented in the industry. While CAD CAST certainly has advantages over the total analog process, it still produces a cast restoration. For those who have not yet tried the direct milled CAD CAM process for full gold restorations, they are missing out on a result that proves to be far better than the cast restoration.

The same workflow that exists in labs that produce CAD Cast restorations for Zirconia or for a press process, can now also be used for full gold. Simply design, send to Strategy and we return to you the finest gold crown you have ever seen. The margins are impeccable, the restoration arrives with about ten minutes of work to complete, and you only purchase the amount of gold needed, when you need it. This is a major tenant of well-known manufacturing principals covered in Lean Manufacturing.

If you have not raised your prices lately, the only way you can maintain your profit or to make more is to either produce more units or find more profitable ways to manufacture what you are doing. Strategy Milling affords these opportunities... we are the most effective and economical way to manufacture a gold restoration. Take advantage of the already existing workflow and add Strategy Milling to the outsource vendors you have and grow your profitability, productivity, and increase your cash flow. If there was ever a product/service that could have a strong positive effect on these three major aspects of business, Strategy Milled Gold is it!

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