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The Technology Used at Strategy Milling

Much of the technology used in the production of our product is proprietary. We do however share that we use Roeders RXD5 Mills. This mill is a beast and has some features that simply made great sense to us when it came to precision, run time/down time, stability, maintenance, and longevity without issues.

I researched dozens of mills in the planning stages of this company. Why select Roeders? Because when it got down to interviewing the three companies, Victor P., President of Roeders America, was the most impressive and also held a position in the Roeders Company which I wanted to deal with. He is the president of Roeders USA, and his cell phone number is in my phones contacts list. When I call, he answers. I knew that I would need, and wanted to partner with a company that would have my back when it came time to lean on them. He and Roeders have. His business partner is Mr. Roeders of Germany. For over 200 years and 6 generations in direct descent, Roeders has been a family owned and operated company. While we don't have a comparable lineage, we like the fact that we are working with a family owned company and understand the pride and energy put into a business when you have your name on it.

As the vetting process moved forward, committing to Roeders became an easy decision to make. Being connected to two top individuals in the company gave me confidence that if I had any issues, the service I demanded would be within reach. The relationship has been wonderful and we are very happy with our purchase. As for issues which Roeders USA wasn't able to manage; I've never had to reach out to Germany to speak to Mr. Roeders!

Now about the mill: We love working with the systems that Roeders provided us, and that the options we requested were all possible, allowing us to run our business in the fashion we had planned. We asked for certain production capacity, consistency in milling, and many other demands regarding part manufacturing time, tolerance demands, automation requests, lights out milling, etc. All were met with enthusiasm, and support where needed from Germany. The mills provide us with laser accuracy in tool length measuring between every single tool use, calibration systems that keep us milling in spec, wear free - and thereby high reliability axis drives with linear motor technology in all axes, water cooling for high efficiency and long durability too. We are able to clamp on one side of our puck instead of the full circumference, offering us larger utilization of puck material than we would otherwise experience... quite literally a valuable bit of efficiency when you manufacture your own gold pucks. These systems also employ automatic tool breakage detection and wear control. We took advantage of other options that Roeders had available such as: RFID labeled cups allowing for automatic referencing of the machined dental parts to the cup ID by the software, integration of label printing, and bar coding too.

When it comes to our business model, we knew what we wanted, and when asked, Roeders delivered. The mills have not disappointed us on any level, and have impressed everyone who has had the opportunity to observe them in action. To see a mill of this caliber plow through a beautiful gold puck and create what you see on our Facebook page for our customers, has been a life experience worth having. We love our mills, and our customers love what they do!

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